Managed IT, Copier and Phone Services

All your technology, integrated.

Instant Remote Support

We can connect to your computer in an instant through our site, whether you’re in town or overseas.

Virus, Spyware and Ransomware Removal

We sell the world’s best antivirus and no other. Our managed firewalls block phishing attempts and prevent employees from visiting pornographic, illegal or ill-advised websites.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

From data recovery on a crashed hard drive to backing up all your data to the cloud, we have you covered. Our backups use military grade encryption and are stored in our private cloud so ransomware can’t touch it.

Network Management

Our management agent runs 24/7 on your computers and servers to monitor and report any issues so they can be addressed promptly.

Cloud Services

Moving to Office 365? We can make the migration seamless and cost effective. We can help your team communicate better whether in the office, on the road or working from home.

Printer/Copier Repair

Jams, streaks, noises or error messages shouldn’t slow you down. Our service technicians can get your print fleet back in business quickly.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Your desktop, server, email, phone, scanner and printer should be tools, not distractions. Let us help you get there!

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Copier & Printer Services

ibT provides flexible maintenance plans to keep your equipment in top shape. Even if your machine is not covered by a plan, we have the skills and the parts to get you back to business.

Paper Jamming or Wrinkling

Our technicians are seasoned veterans at replacing and maintaining all the critical components of your copier so that it performs at its best.

Printing Quality

Whether it is streaks on the page, dots scattered over the paper, printing too dark or too light, we are experts are recovering your copier and printer from these and many other quality issues.

Toner Issues

We carry all common toner cartridges and can quickly replace yours, whether it is empty, damaged or malfunctioning.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Your data is one of your most important assets. Let us protect it from error, accidents and malicious intent.

Best in Class Backups

Our backup software creates images of each hard drive entirely. You can recover to any point in time that is configured: 2 hours ago before an employee quit, a week ago before you switched accounting software, or a month ago before your last monthly reconciliation.

Data Encryption

Even if a hacker were to steal your backups they would not be able to decrypt the information. We use AES 256 encryption with long randomly generated keys.

Offsite Replication

One of the keys to protect your data is to have a copy outside of your office. Even the best local backup system will fail in the event of theft, fire and natural disasters. We maintain a nightly copy offsite so for redundancy.

Network Management

Are all the computers patched for security flaws? How do I know when to replace them to maximize my investment on them? Are temporary files slowing me down? Let US worry about your network!

Inventory & Documentation

We keep track of equipment, software licenses and subscription expiration dates for you. We plan upgrades, suggest replacements that increase productivity and secure business continuity.

Preventive Maintenance

The core of network management is preventive maintenance. We check your computers and servers for signs that could indicate a pending failure. A planned replacement is less costly and disrupting than repairing after a catastrophe.

Monitoring of Critical Services

Our proprietary cloud services can monitor your backups daily, as well as check the uptime of your mission critical services minute by minute. Whether you can’t live without your email server or your business revolves around a database, we’re here to watch over them.